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Assalaamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh

May Allaah Ta’aalaa’s
Peace and Love Be Upon You
Our Beloved Muslims

We are highly honored and immensely pleased
to present to all of you …

The Truth About Islaam

We have made this presentation to you in sufficient detail, to the point, and absolutely precise. As the Truth unfolds, you may probably feel you have never read or known this fascinating Universal Truth about Islaam before.

The Awesome Creation of the Universe

As we look around us at the unbelievable manifestation of our vast universe, the sun, the moon, the stars in the skies and the life on our own Earth, the hundreds and thousands different kinds of vegetation, the trees, the fruits they bear, the animals, the birds, the vast oceans and the aquatic world which contains uncountable varieties of fish and the whales and the dolphins, etc., the thought may occur to us, where, when, and how did they all come from? We realize that even the garbage that happens hourly and daily in our world does not suddenly happen on its own. It comes from us — we make that garbage. The cars, the trains, the buses, the airplanes and the helicopters etc. just did not suddenly appear on their own. Somebody had to make them — we made them. When we then focus on the regularity with which the sun rises and sets, the beauty of the new moon and the full moon and its regularity, the sheer vastness of our fascinating Universe which has existed for billions of years, these unbelievable huge “objects” could not have made themselves or suddenly appeared from nowhere! One of the most obvious and yet the most astounding phenomenon, which is a daily occurrence, is the wind. From a gentle breeze to hurricanes and tornadoes, it can be felt on our faces and bodies. One can see the results of its force on objects. Everyone knows the wind exists. However, no one has ever actually SEEN it.

The Miraculous Creation of Human Beings and Faith

When we start looking at ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our brains, our eyes, ears, our hearts which beat precisely, our regular breathing, an inner voice tells us: we could not have created our miraculous selves nor appeared suddenly from nowhere! Let us observe the phenomenon of eating our food. It enters our bodies and it appears as if an invisible factory takes over. Eventually blood is made (no scientist has ever discovered how our food is converted into blood) and the heart pumps it and it reaches EVERY part of our body through arteries and then through the smallest of capillaries. When we reflect and ponder, we come to the conclusion that we certainly could not have manufactured and created ourselves. This faculty, ability, and our inner voice, which are given to those of us who ponder and reflect upon the powerful signs around us, has been called “faith”. Others just take all the amazing phenomenon for granted. This faith then tells us that the entire Universe and everything it contains including ourselves are actually the unmistakable signs, manifestations, and Presence of the Magnificent Creator and His Unlimited Power and Creativity while He Himself remains invisible to our human eyes. This faculty we have of faith is actually the Divine Gift bestowed upon us by our Creator. In other words, it is as if our Infinite Creator made Himself known to us through the great miracles of His creation.

The Almighty Creator

Hence, there is the Almighty Creator, and everything else that is visible to us or things which are invisible to us like atoms, molecules, etc. are His creation. Of course, the Creator cannot at the same time be the created. There can be, therefore, only one Creator. Since He is NOT a creation, He has always been alive and will always be alive. Therefore, He is Eternal and Infinite. Since He is the ONLY Creator and Eternal and Infinite, everything He created does and will die.

Let us mention a few more vital aspects of our Almighty, All-Powerful, All-Loving, All-Cherishing, All-Protecting, All-Nourishing, All-Hearing, All-Knowing, All-Wise, All-Good, All-Seeing Creator. We are all human beings, but for the purpose of communication, we give ourselves names. So our Creator has chosen to give Himself a name. His name is Allaah. As He Himself is Unique, the ONE and ONLY, His Name is also unique. It contains the meaning of God. Yet the word “God” can be pluralized to gods and made feminine as goddess. His Name Allaah conveys all His Divine Attributes such as Infinity and Eternity. Other Attributes of His include that He has always been alive, will always be alive, He is not matter, while all His creation is matter. He has no shape, no form, and no sex. He is not in any way whatsoever like His creation. His power of creation is such that He has given every creation its own unique and original shape and form. He creates by just saying “Be” and the object comes into existence. He needs no sustenance, as He has no needs. He is the All-Provider for all His creation.

The Divine Laws for All Objects

Human beings, whether we are common folk or scientists, upon pondering, we also realize that every one of His creation has been given specific natures or laws under which they exist. These laws / natures are characteristic to the purpose for which they have been created. Water for instance is probably the most used and indispensable necessity for almost all of creation. There is no other liquid which has the same characteristic and nature as water has. Tigers have a different nature / laws than sheep, buffalos, or chicken which human beings eat. Their digestive systems are in accordance with what they eat because they happen to be our food — what they eat makes them digestible for us. We can easily conclude that their natures are given to them by our Almighty Creator according to the purpose for which they have been created!

Human Beings are the Highest Level of Creation

Human beings are a very special creation of the Creator. The levels of our intellect, intelligence, logical / rational abilities, emotions of love, compassion, and faith are of the highest order among His entire creation. When we human beings make / manufacture things, there is always a purpose and use for which we make them. Of course, this great Universe and all it contains, and we, the best of all creations, must have been created by our Almighty Creator for some purpose. Since He is the One Who created us, He is the only One Who can tell us what His Grand Purpose for our creation is; no one else can!

Prophets and Messengers

In His Divine and His Infinite Mercy, He selected some human beings and sent them to the world as His special Messengers and Prophets so that they can live with us and communicate to us the purpose for which we have been created in this world. They were also given the responsibility by our Creator to teach us how to fulfill the Grand Purpose for which we are created. With His Infinite Power to create, our Beloved Creator also created another remarkable group of creatures and called them Angels. They perform many functions for their Creator. One of them is to convey the Creator’s Messages to His Prophets and Messengers. Human beings have been created from the elements of this Earth because we live on the Earth. His Angels are created from pure light. They can travel timelessly, which is faster than the speed of light. Once they are created, they do not die. Sometimes they can appear to the Prophets and Messengers in human shape and form, although they are invisible to us in their real state. Our Infinitely Loving Creator has sent His Prophets and Messengers to every corner of the Earth.

The Grand and Divine Purpose of our Creation

Let us move to the answer to the all-important question. What is the purpose for which He created us human beings with such unique attributes that make us the best of His creation? You see my beloved friends, we will all die as all His creation must die. However, His Infinite Love for us human beings is such that He will give us all another life after death. This gift is not shared by any of His creatures — the gift of eventually living with Him forever in His Eternal Abode for us which He has called Paradise. It is a place which is beyond our wildest imagination. There will be no aging. We will be provided wonderful male companions for females and vice versa. There we will also be provided the Grandest Gift of all: the most blissful, full of rapture, Vision of Allaah Himself. No disease will be experienced and there will be no evil around us. We will be allowed to eat and drink whatever we desire, whenever we desire.

ONLY We Have Been Given Choices

Allaah’s Infinite Mercy continues. Earlier we had mentioned that He has given all His creation unique characteristics, nature and Divine Laws. If we look at and study objects like water, fruits, vegetables, tigers, monkeys, horses, etc., it becomes very clear that they all have unique characteristics. These characteristics have been given to them so that they can fulfill the purpose for which they are created. Some of these objects serve as food and drinks for us, as well as for other creatures of Allaah. Our Supreme Allaah has of course given us what He calls “human nature” and human laws. Some of these are unique to us only. All of Allaah’s creatures in this world have NOT been given any choices. The tiger remains a tiger, the squirrel remains a squirrel, with perfect acceptance of being who they are. We human beings have been given choices. We can CHOOSE to think and act as we want to in this world. However, our REAL NATURE contains our human laws and these Divine Laws for us are always good for us. Allaah the Almighty gave these laws the name “Islaam”. Allaah the Almighty gave us the name “Muslims”. When we choose to abide by our real nature and laws (Islaam), we Muslims then attain peace, harmony, deep internal satisfaction, and contentment. This peace we display outward with our fellow human beings and other creations of Allaah. We also attain deep peace WITHIN us. This lasting peace is not affected by any changes in our circumstances. These circumstances could be physical illnesses, changes in our material wealth, etc. All the Prophets and Messengers who were sent by Allaah to our world educated and informed us what Islaam is with complete details of what our Real Nature consists of. When we act in accordance with our Real Nature, those are called good acts. When we choose to act against our Real Nature, those are called by Allaah as evil deeds. Evil deeds harm us, harm others, and stop us from reaching Paradise, the very purpose for which He gave us this life.

Gratitude is a Significant Aspect of Worship

Remember the King of all goodness is to recognize gratefully the innumerous Signs of Allaah that He has adorned His incredibly vast universe with. These Divine Signs are available to everyone who ponders upon our own creation, our incredible minds, bodies, our own intelligence, noble emotions, and our great capabilities. The unbelievably precise Divine Laws include and govern the movements of the sun and the moon, day after day, year after year for thousands of years. We must also gratefully acknowledge how the Divine Sustainer has provided us with an unbelievable variety of food that we consume daily. Above all, we must thankfully recognize the gifts bestowed upon us of our own True Nature. When we choose to act according to our true nature which is Islaam, Allaah Almighty calls those acts as acts of worshipping Him. For those acts of worship, we shall be awarded an eternal and blissful life after death in His Divine Company in His magnificent Paradise! Those of us who accept the faith of Islaam also recognize that when we choose to act as Muslims, these actions are deemed by Allaah as acts of worshipping Him.

Denial is the Greatest Evil

The King of all evil is to deny the unique existence of our Most Merciful Creator. Included in this evil is the denial of all the great and wonderful Prophets and Messengers He most mercifully sent to this Earth to convey to us the purpose for which our lives are awarded to us in this world, Who the Almighty Allaah is, and that there is only One Allaah. Another very significant part of this evil is to deny that after we die, all humanity will be brought to life again on the Day of Judgment when Allaah will decide who will go to His Magnificent Paradise and who will end up in the Abode of Punishment.

Life is a Test

This life therefore becomes a test for us human beings. Our Beloved Allaah has done everything in His Power to provide us meticulous details through His Divine Books. He has sent to us His selected Messengers who showed us how to live according to our real human nature and laws that Allaah the Most Merciful gave us. He has given us time till we die to fulfill the purpose of our lives. He will give us life again on what He has called “The Day of Judgment”. He will take us to our eternal abode in Paradise if we made the good choices in the world. He actually shows practically in this world the consequences of not making the right choices in eating and drinking. Wrong choices could lead us to dangerous diseases and the right choices to a healthy body and mind. In other words, we punish ourselves with wrong choices and reward ourselves with good choices. This is His Law. The same Law applies in our life after death. When we make wrong choices in this world, we punish ourselves in the Place of Punishment, in the life after our deaths. When we remain faithful to His good Laws (our Real Nature), we are rewarded His Eternal Paradise in His Divine Company and in the company of all good people.

Prophets of Allaah are our Perfect Models

This presentation will be completed when we address a very important phenomenon which took place repeatedly in our human life on this Earth. The most important fact to note and never to forget is that all Prophets and Messengers were sent by Allaah — and they all explained, lived, and taught what our Real Nature is which is Islaam. They all lived and taught Islaam. In brief, they only taught all that is good for us. They also clearly taught us to stay away from evil.

Denial and Persecution of Prophets

Almost all the great Prophets and Messengers whose names you may be familiar with such as Noah, Abraham, David, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon them, were laughed at, ridiculed, by most of the people for their belief in Allaah and the Divine Message they brought. Some even wanted to kill them!

The evil in human beings demonstrated itself in another strange manner. The people who believed in Allaah and His Prophets and Messengers while the Prophets and Messengers were alive, started to meddle with their teachings and practices after they died. This evil happened after the death of all the Prophets and Messengers. Their Books and Messages were changed unbelievably. The biggest evil was that they started calling the Prophets and Messengers who were all human beings as gods!! Other serious evils were to call the Prophets and Messengers to be the sons of Allaah and the pure Angels to be daughters of Allaah. Other evils included creating idols with their hands, calling them gods, and worshipping those idols. Even many Laws which governed our Real Nature were also terribly distorted.

The Advent of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

Allaah the Most Merciful continued to send new Prophets and Messengers to those populations in order to bring back the Universal Truth (Islaam) in their lives again. This cycle continued till Allaah the Almighty sent His last Messenger to us, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him.

He was born in the Arabian Peninsula. At the time of his holy birth, Arabia was probably the darkest place on Earth with its population worshipping 365 man-made idols they called gods. They had many tribes, and tribal warfare was a way of life for them. At the age of 40, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, started to receive the Last Book of Revelation, the Holy Qur-aan, from Allaah the Most Merciful through Angel Jibreel. The Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, started to communicate Allaah’s Message to his people. Many accepted Islaam and started to practice what he preached from the Holy Qur-aan while he himself was the first to worship Allaah with his own practices. In a short period of 23 years, the entire Arabian Peninsula accepted Islaam. Then, Arabia turned into the most civilized nation in the world. Of course, like the Prophets and Messengers of the past, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, had no evil within him and lived himself according to his Real Nature (Islaam) with its benign laws of goodness bestowed by Allaah the Almighty. Of course, the Holy Qur-aan also clearly contained, as all the previous Books of Allaah, the Pure Nature that is given to all human beings. He also guided the believers to follow his supreme example which they did.

The Last and the Greatest Revelation: The Holy Qur-aan

The greatest bestowment of Allaah the Most Merciful to humanity was to take upon Himself to guard His last and final Book, the Holy Qur-aan, from any changes which the evil followers would want to make to it. He has and will continue to preserve its contents exactly as revealed to His Last Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, till the Day of Judgment. On that Day, all human beings alive on that Day will die and will be brought back to life again. Not only did Allaah the Almighty preserve His Holy Qur-aan but also the sayings, teachings, and all the actions of worship performed by Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him. As you know by now, all acts of worship are acts of goodness according to the Human Laws Allaah gave us.

My beloved friends, the Holy Qur-aan was revealed more than 1400 years ago. Allaah the Almighty, according to His Divine Promise, has guarded and preserved it exactly as it was revealed to His Blessed Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him. This is a miracle only the Almighty Allaah can perform. The Holy Qur-aan in Arabic language printed today, 10 years ago, 100 years ago, 500 years ago, 1000 years ago, 1400 years ago, is exactly the same as revealed by the Lord Almighty, the One and Only, Creator of this Universe to His Prophet and Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allaah be with him. The most outstanding miracle of the Holy Qur-aan is that Allaah the Almighty has corrected and rectified in the Holy Qur-aan all additions and changes that were made by the evil followers of the Prophets and Messengers of the past to the Divine Books that they had brought.

My beloved friends, this is the greatest act of Mercy the Almighty Allaah has bestowed upon all of us who are living now and will live in the future. The Holy Qur-aan now is complete and perfect as only Allaah has the Power to do it so that we can, with total faith and trust, accept and then practice the true and real Islaam.

Misguided Muslims

My beloved friends, although Allaah the Almighty has preserved the Real Islaam exactly as He revealed to His Beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, and is available to all humanity, evil has continued to be present and will be there till the Day of Judgment.

Many of the evil and misguided Muslims over a period of centuries posed as self-proclaimed scholars and leaders. They became a source of schisms and sectarianism. Unfortunately, this resulted in violence, wars and killings among their followers, in the name of Islaam. Today, we find Muslims are in a state of confusion, even those who sincerely wish to be guided to the True and Real Islaam.

Practice of Real Islaam and Daar-ul-Ehsaan

My beloved Muslims, I am honored and pleased to inform you that Daar-ul-Ehsaan (The Abode of Excellence in Worship) is one of very few Muslim institutions in the world whose members have not only practiced the Real and True Islaam for more than 52 years but have also established many centers around the world. Daar-ul-Ehsaan USA came into existence in 1990 and has five centers in the USA. Our mission is to help Muslims living in the USA learn and practice the True and Real Islaam. Appropriate books and publications are provided free and personal guidance is made available to all who are interested.

Wassalaamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh

Muhammad A. ‘Ali
(Humble Servant of Allaah)

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